NEEDS IDENTIFICATION: Traditional water monitoring and management is too often a story of failures and inefficient investments. This greatly hampers any effort towards effective decision-support for integrated water resources management, especially in places where resource scarcity, high variability in supplies and strong growth in water demand overlap with agency underfunding. The arid and semi-arid developing world regions rank here most prominently.

For addressing these issues most effectively, the needs-driven iMoMo approach starts with the identification of data and information gaps and emphasises co-design of solutions with all stakeholders involved.

iMoMo technologies are a set of interlinked open-source server and database technologies, ICT services as well as computation tools for data collection and management, for decision-support and for stakeholder information and connection. 

Stakeholder involvement through crowdsourcing requires motivation cycles for the long-term stimulus of user participation with the technology. iMoMo has solved this problem through a gamification approach. Gamification triggers motivation through the use of serious games and education games.

Serious games are motivation components that incentivize people to participate in the crowdsourcing aspects of iMoMo. They are built into the iMoMo approach in a comprehensive way.

The iMoMo approach considers several serious games components. First, whoever provides data will get selected access to the iMoMo knowledge portal through the specific communication channels that are available (SMS, USSD, Internet). With this, stakeholders can inform their decision-making processes.

Second, when contributing data to the iMoMo information system (e.g. through crowd-sensing soil moisture), users 'earn' points/credits which they can use for free-of-charge communication over the iMoMo communication channels. For example, users with iMoMo credit can send free SMS to registered peers via the USSD channel.

Third, education games have been developed for different target audience in schools where children/students learn about catchment water issues in an entertaining way and start to relate to iMoMo at an early age.

All motivation components have been implemented by the Serious Games group at ZHdK, Switzerland.


Central Asia

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